“Alone you can walk the path, but it takes a team of right minded people to shovel the way to success.”

If Gemini Engi-Fab is a dream, then our people are the craftsmen who will shape it.At Gemini Engi-Fab, we believe that the company is made by its people. We also believe that people are the brain equity of an organization. Thus, we have People-first policy.

Gemini Engi-Fab is the place for those who redeem challenges to meet success with cutting-edge innovative ideas. If you are experienced, skilled, innovative, moreover, passionate and enthusiastic you are then eligible to be a part of Gemini Engi-Fab.If you aim to grow in life, aspire to have a bright career, think you have the traits, abilities and skills to prove your mettle, the platform is just a click away.On a constant endeavour to hunt for right minded professionals, we invite you to drop in your resume.

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